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Now you can run apps designed for Android on any device with this Android emulator

Now you can run apps designed for Android on any device with this Android emulator

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Program license: Free

Program by: LeapDroid

Version: 18.0.0

Works under: Windows


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LeapDroid is an Android emulator that works on your desktop or laptop computer. This allows you to make use of the various apps only found in the mobile ecosystem. Not only that, but you can use these apps while making use of your desktop's superior processing power and hardware.

Primary Features

LeapDroid is primarily an emulator that mimics the Android operating system and interface on your computer. This works whether you have a touch-enabled computer or not. Once downloaded and installed, you can use all the apps available for your Android device on your computer. You can use a mouse to control the interface and some keyboard buttons are mapped to touch controls. For example, the left arrow key is mapped to mimic a left swipe with your finger. This ensures you get the mobile experience even if you don't have a touchscreen computer.

All of the apps available for your smartphone or tablet are now available for your computer. This includes the various games found on mobile devices. You can play the games with your keyboard and mouse, or you can sync your mobile device to the computer and use it as a controller. This gives you options so that you can find your preferred way of controlling games and apps.

Interface and Controls

This program is intentionally minimalist to ensure that the mobile ecosystem is what really shines. It basically looks like the screen of your phone, but it's running on your desktop. There are a few additions in terms of shortcuts. These shortcuts make it easier to access the app marketplace along with your favorite apps. You can also easily switch between your regular operating system and the emulator with a button click. Unlike some mobile devices that come packed with bloatware, this doesn't include any apps or programs like that.

Aside from some small changes to make use of the desktop environment, you'll notice that this has a stock Android interface. That's good because you don't have to worry about any weird additions or poor coding. It should only take a few seconds to understand how the system works, especially if you're on your phone all the time and already understand the Android system. Accessing settings, notifications and preferences only takes a matter of seconds.

You'll notice some additions towards the right of the emulator. There are several buttons specific to this program that help with navigation and controlling the emulator. The buttons mimic the physical buttons found on your device. This would be for home, back, volume controls and also a menu for recent apps. There are also buttons to take a screenshot, change to full screen view and a section for installing apps downloaded from your desktop.

Keyboard mapping has been done quite well here. In general, your keyboard and mouse should have no problem controlling the emulator. This is especially true with browsing and using productivity apps. Most games will also function great, but there might be some outliers that prefer touch controls over keyboard and mouse controls. It should only take minutes before you're accustomed to the interface. You can also decide to disable your physical keyboard and use the digital keyboard from the emulator. This can be hard if you don't have a touchscreen, but it's nice to have the option.

You'll notice this emulator goes significantly faster than your normal phone or tablet. Usually emulators are slow because they require extra work to translate coding and commands. Mobile systems are made to work on weaker hardware. The CPU and RAM in your desktop far outclasses any phone and ensures that all commands are handled faster and more efficiently. If you want incredibly fast processing, then you may want to try this emulator and see how well it works for you.

App Compatibility

The primary reason for any emulator is to use the software available for that operating system. While LeapDroid cannot make all apps run, which is typical of Android emulators, it is compatible with a large number of mobile apps. This includes numerous games and productivity apps. Not only can you play many of the most popular apps, but this emulator ensures they run smoothly and the installation process is simple.

As a note, lagging might sometimes happen on larger games and apps. This is because the mobile ecosystem is only meant for so much power and sometimes apps stretch these operating systems to their limit. This should be rare through since you have your desktop's hardware doing the processing.

Some apps take on native keyboard and mouse controls while other apps require you to use the controls a little differently. Apps that primarily feature pointing, clicking and typing will work exceptionally well here. You will play them pretty much like normal. The only difference is that you'll be using your mouse to point and click instead of your finger. For those with different controls, you might have to use on-screen buttons, certain keyboard hotkeys for touch controls and other mechanics. It might take a few minutes to get used to, but it should be easy.

Some apps require GPS information before they work. LeapDroid works with this feature. It also allows you to make your own keyboard mapping if you want to change the controls. You can make multiple profiles if you want one for gaming, another for productivity apps and a third one for simple browsing.

Nearly every app on the marketplace can be downloaded and installed. There are some that won't work, but LeapDroid is constantly getting updates and apps that don't work today might work tomorrow.


  • Android emulator that mimics all the native controls and features of a mobile system
  • Runs games and productivity apps smoothly and efficiently
  • Simple interface that any user can learn


  • Some apps aren't supported, but they might be supported after the next update